“Modern Times” 2014

Computer animation HD, 20 min, loop. commissioned by DIAS 2014 Installed on Vallensbaek S-train station for the exhibition Presenting DIAS, … More

“Mirror Box” 2013

5 min. HD video. The video consists of a hand while performing various exercises and a mirror. The video is … More

”Line meshing” 2012

Animation, tutorial like screencast 8 min 31 sec. Sound: Alexander Rodchenko, text “The Line” 1921, read by computer. The Animation is … More

“Spatial Ambiguity” 2012

Spatial Ambiguity 2012 Martin Asbæk Gallery 13 January – 11 February 2012 press(ENG)/ Greatly inspired by the experimental work of … More

“Compositions” 2011

Computer animation 24min. 69,7 x 61,7 cm. projection after El Lissitzky’s painting, Composition, 1922 A 3D computer model built from … More

“Untitled animation” 2011

stop motion animation. 3 min. 16 sec. Elements used as visual-stimuli in scientific studies, dealing with perception of spatiality. Here … More

“Grid Paper” 2010

manipulated video HD and SD-DVD pal computer 6 min. 31 sec. projection. A projected video of graph paper that is … More

“An Island” 2010

Computer animation Stereo 2 min. 40 sec. Loop   Made specific for the exhibition “Frederiksberg”. Frederiksberg is a part the city, … More

YouTube test site

This channel is a form of outlet or a test site for small structure like film experiment. Projects(films and Animations) … More

“DVD video” 2009

DVD pal stereo 115min. A laser beam reading a DVD video disc. A process that is normally hidden is now … More

video still.

“Flare” 2009

Computeranimation HD and SD-DVD pal 3min. 34sec. Loop Computer animated lens flare. Lens flare occurs when a camera is pointing … More