“Seed” 2023

computeranimationFull length4 min. 30 sec. A backwards slow walk through white galleries. The distribution of elements in the space is…

Unknown flower 2023

HD animationFull length 3min. 20 sec.(AI, stable diffusion 2,1) A flower, slowly develops through AI de-noiseing steps

“Park” 2022

HD/4K CG AnimationFull length 3min. Insecure architecture rendering

FIC Faroe Island Contemporary

The Faroe Island Contemporary in a is a virtual exhibition space. Works of art and exhibitions by various artists are…

“Triadisches” 2021

HD/4K CGI AnimationFull length 10min. A mix of geometric shapes, flat painting, dance theater and computer animation.Inspired by the Triadisches…

“Cliff House” 2020

The architecture from a VR start / home environment is 3d recreated from memory, and a screen capture from the same VR location is then projected on it. the light from the screen capture colors all surfaces. A mix of memory and recording

“Pinch Grip Hold” 2020

Outdoor construction, 16mmØ plastic pipe, 3D print (1x1x1m) + 3D Animation (3min. 30 sec.) Two constructions, one physically in the…

“Turbine” 2020

Site-specific VR-animation
for Nordkrafts Turbinegalleri, KunsthalNORD, AAlborg. DK.

“Cave” 2019

Computer Animation 9 min. 20 secdual og singel screen Animation An exploration of a photogrammetry constructed 3D model of microsoft…

“Fruits” 2018

CGI physics simulation.
3min. HD.
Algorithms typically meant for simulating destruction is here having trouble keeping things still.

“Space” 2018

Interactive VR environment An exhibition under construction with 3D models of paper block, paint tape, cover paper, paint box, moving…

“VR Roundabout” 2018

A suburban roundabout with public art as a VR environment Public access via SteamVR http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1284119443 this project was made for…

“Surface Encounters” 2017

solo exhibition at : Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art Copenhagen What influence has digitality had on human perception – and…

“Cause and Effect” 2017

“Cause and Effect” 2017 HD. Computer Animation 2 min. form the exhibition: https://jesper-carlsen.com/2017/06/procedural-2017/  

“Procedural” images, 2017

“Procedural” 2017 40 x 40 color print. no. 1 to 23. Computer generated procedural textures. form the exhibition: https://jesper-carlsen.com/2017/06/procedural-2017/  

“Procedural” 2017

solo exhibition at Martin Asbæk Gallery With his constructivistic approach Carlsen displays a thoughtful exhibition that through digital prints challenges…