“Options by diffusion” 2024

Images generated by Ai diffusion models.Ai computer animationHD4.24sec  A video recorded from the physical surroundings (Gallery) forms the starting point … More

“Points and connections” 2024

3D computer animationHD/4K4 min. in the case of the image above, the animation is installed with the work: https://jesper-carlsen.com/2024/05/options-by-diffusion-2024/ A … More

“Seed” 2023

computeranimationFull length4 min. 30 sec. A backwards slow walk through white galleries. The distribution of elements in the space is … More

Unknown flower 2023

HD animationFull length 3min. 20 sec.(AI, stable diffusion 2,1) A flower, slowly develops through AI de-noiseing steps

“Park” 2022

HD/4K CG AnimationFull length 3min. Insecure architecture rendering

“Triadisches” 2021

HD/4K CGI AnimationFull length 10min. A mix of geometric shapes, flat painting, dance theater and computer animation.Inspired by the Triadisches … More

“Cliff House” 2020

The architecture from a VR start / home environment is 3d recreated from memory, and a screen capture from the same VR location is then projected on it. the light from the screen capture colors all surfaces. A mix of memory and recording

“Pinch Grip Hold” 2020

Outdoor construction, 16mmØ plastic pipe, 3D print (1x1x1m) + 3D Animation (3min. 30 sec.) Two constructions, one physically in the … More

“Turbine” 2020

Site-specific VR-animation
for Nordkrafts Turbinegalleri, KunsthalNORD, AAlborg. DK.

“Cave” 2019

Computer Animation 9 min. 20 secdual og singel screen Animation An exploration of a photogrammetry constructed 3D model of microsoft … More

“Fruits” 2018

CGI physics simulation.
3min. HD.
Algorithms typically meant for simulating destruction is here having trouble keeping things still.

“Surface Encounters” 2017

solo exhibition at : Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art Copenhagen What influence has digitality had on human perception – and … More

“Cause and Effect” 2017

“Cause and Effect” 2017 HD. Computer Animation 2 min. form the exhibition: https://jesper-carlsen.com/2017/06/procedural-2017/  

“Procedural” 2017

solo exhibition at Martin Asbæk Gallery With his constructivistic approach Carlsen displays a thoughtful exhibition that through digital prints challenges … More

“All Angels” 2017

Site specific animation for Captive Raum OPortal 2017, Århus, DK computeranimation 1 min. 4 sec. Was distributed via local wifi … More

“Shader Stack” 2016

“Shader Stack” 2016 HD. Computer Animation 2 min. 40sec. form the exhibition: https://jesper-carlsen.com/2017/06/procedural-2017/    

“Surface” 2016

“Surface” 2016 HD. computer animation 2 min. 40sec. form the exhibition: https://jesper-carlsen.com/2017/06/procedural-2017/

“Brick & Mortar” 2016

3 50” screens, 2 32” screens, 5 construction, (3D print, 16mm pvc pipe) A site specific installation for the “Tranen” … More