“Skin” 2015

3D animation. HD, 2 min. 52 sec.
A Bruce Nauman inspired Animation dealing with the process and the challenges of creating realistic skin in 3D computer animation.
The computer generated voice reads text from various technical forums with advise on how to do realistic skin shading in 3D computer animation.

The Head Mesh/model is animated from a often used head reference model called Arnold
from Infinite-Realities® ir-ltd.net,

Skin 2015 from Jesper on Vimeo.

Skin_A_016_HD_0001 Skin_A_016_HD_4300 Skin_A_016_HD_0248 Skin_A_016_HD_0696 Skin_A_016_HD_0891 Skin_A_016_HD_0896 Skin_A_016_HD_0996 Skin_A_016_HD_3206

Animation stills
Animation stills