“Procedural” images, 2017

“Procedural” 2017 40 x 40 color print. no. 1 to 23. Computer generated procedural textures. form the exhibition: https://jesper-carlsen.com/2017/06/procedural-2017/  

“Procedural” 2017

solo exhibition at Martin Asbæk Gallery With his constructivistic approach Carlsen displays a thoughtful exhibition that through digital prints challenges … More

“Mars” 2013

Watercolor on paper. 80cm x 60cm. Satellite scanned elevation data from Mars, computer recreated and then redrawn.  

“Spatial Ambiguity” 2012

Spatial Ambiguity 2012 Martin Asbæk Gallery 13 January – 11 February 2012 press(ENG)/ Greatly inspired by the experimental work of … More

“100 sider” 2010

8 x 8 cm, 110 pages. The publication is a flip book where the actual movement of the individual pages … More

“Burn out” 2010

Black & white print . 34 x 42 cm. a collection of 100 pictures of the sun seen through trees. an extension of the ideas which ran in … More

”Moiré (print)” 2009

”Moiré (RGB-print)” 2009 and ”Moiré (Grey-print)” 2009 “In physics, a moiré pattern (pronounced/mwɑːˈreɪ/ or /ˈmɔəreɪ/ in English; [mwaˈʁe] in French) is an interference pattern created, … More