“Spatial Construction no. 7” 2011

24cm x 24cm x 24 cm. 3-dimensional viewing cube. The Elements is used as visual-stimuli in neurological studies for testing Spatial Intelligence Here cut out in paper and and arranged in 3 … More

“Biotop” 2009

Lars Worm / Jesper Carlsen 3. July – 31 July. 2009 NLHspace Vesterfœlledvej 63 1750 Copenhagen v DK-press release Ordet … More

”Colour Vision” 2009

After Brion Gysin’s ”Dream Machine” 1960 Turntable and light bulb 37cm x 31 cm x 26 cm Rotating trees around … More

“Mole hills” 2007

four piles of dirt. Public artwork for the exhibition “Free Space” Sønder Boulevard(Copenhager)DK.