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solo exhibition at : Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art Copenhagen What influence has digitality had on human perception – and not least our view of reality? These are questions central to the art of Jesper Carlsen. In recent years he has worked intensively with computer-generated representations of objects, surfaces and spaces as part of his […]

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Spray painted on five different computer modeled stencils. cotton sailcloth, 90 x 140 cm

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75 x 150 cm cut out plywood

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16 frames, loop. Hand drawn animation

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wooden structures 3 x 23cm x 65 cm The shadows of three dimensional structures.

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Watercolor on paper. 80cm x 60cm. Satellite scanned elevation data from Mars, computer recreated and then redrawn.  

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Undefined meter. Not yet mounted with a printed scale. 6.5 cm X 5,5 cm

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chalk line on wall, after Alexander Rodchenko 150 cm x 200 cm. Chalk line is a tool for drawing straight lines, mainly used in construction. The line is coated in chalk then pulled tight across a suface where it is snapped causing the string to strike the surface, leaving a straight line. Line Composition no […]

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