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Computer animation HD 200 frames walk cycle. One Tyrannosaurus Rex walk cycle.  An animation inspired by the intermediate step in CGI production. A presentation of a 3D model before it gets a realistic skin. “Walk Cycle” 2016 from Jesper on Vimeo.

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3D Computer Animation, HD, 2min. A hand is touching and are simultaneously transformed by an invisible box. “Box” 2016 excerpt from Jesper on Vimeo.

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3D animation. HD, 2 min. 52 sec. A Bruce Nauman inspired Animation dealing with the process and the challenges of creating realistic skin in 3D computer animation. The computer generated voice reads text from various technical forums with advise on how to do realistic skin shading in 3D computer animation. The Head Mesh/model is animated from a often […]

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3d Animation, UHD, 8min. 12sec. loop

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2,42 min. loop. Computer animation  

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16 frames, loop. Hand drawn animation

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31 October – 29 November 2014 In the show Animation Syntax Jesper Carlsen works – through animation – with our understanding of objects. Human perception of the spatial is on the agenda in Carlsen’s works. We experience our own reality chronologically, and Carlsen works through animation to clarify time as a crucial factor in our […]

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Computer animation HD, 20 min, loop. commissioned by DIAS 2014 Installed on Vallensbaek S-train station for the exhibition Presenting DIAS, 2014. The animation is a digital recreation of a classic movie scene from the Chaplin movie Modern Times from 1936. A film that humorously and critically relates to the modern industrialization. In the original it is […]

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“Queen Of Mars” 2013 3 x A0 print + 1x projection. Image of Mars + film Aelita, Queen Of Mars, 1924 The three prints are a composite image of Mars taken by “The Curiosity Mars Rover” The projection on top of the picture is a Russian science fiction film from 1924 called Aelita, Queen of Mars […]

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5 min. HD video. The video consists of a hand while performing various exercises and a mirror. The video is inspired by a treatment called mirror box treatment. This is a treatment for phantom limp pain where a reflection of the functioning hand can eliminate the pain in the hand that is no longer there. The […]

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