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A suburban roundabout with public art as a VR environment Public access via SteamVR this project was made for the platform: Steam VR Environments is a platform for computer players and developers, where they can share their virtual environments. Wearing a VR headset, these places can be visited and explored. The platform also allows […]

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Site specific animation for Captive Raum OPortal 2017, Århus, DK computeranimation 1 min. 4 sec. Was distributed via local wifi network position 1 position 2 position 3

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90 x 12 x 12 cm Eight programed light bulbs

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Computer animation HD, 20 min, loop. commissioned by DIAS 2014 Installed on Vallensbaek S-train station for the exhibition Presenting DIAS, 2014. The animation is a digital recreation of a classic movie scene from the Chaplin movie Modern Times from 1936. A film that humorously and critically relates to the modern industrialization. In the original it is […]

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Three site-specific projects carried out by the collective OK corral. 2011 “La fumee gu paquebot” Petit Maroc, St. Nazaire France 1. Double Horizon A wall has been built in front of the view on a small beach. The workblocks the view and thereby interfere with the image of how a horizon isperceived. In the middle […]

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This blog-site is a kind of outlet for the projects that does not fit this site either because they simply does not work in a practical sens or as works of art.
I find this kind of open or incomplete work very interesting and I want with a blog to create a platform for these projects.

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This channel is a form of outlet or a test site for small structure like film experiment. Projects(films and Animations) that I find interesting and inspirational but don’t consider as artworks in themselves. update: it evolved  in 2011 to become an independent error blog:  examples

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four piles of dirt. Public artwork for the exhibition “Free Space” Sønder Boulevard(Copenhager)DK.          

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