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wood construction. 80 x 140 cm. Made after a drawing by Gustav Klucis (1922).

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wood construction. 82 x 53 cm. rotatable oil painted wooden columns.          

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cut wood. 74cm X 74cm Two wooden spirals, one assembled as a spiral the other just assembled.  

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MDF and tiles 51 x 51 x 51 cm      

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oil paint on wood 52,5 x 52,5 x 52,5 cm      

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Spatial Ambiguity 2012 Martin Asbæk Gallery 13 January – 11 February 2012 press(ENG)/ Greatly inspired by the experimental work of the Russian Constructivists with elementary forms and abstract idioms, Jesper Carlsen is showing new works that turn the focus on construction rather than composition. The exploration of surface, line and colour, and especially of spatial […]

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Three site-specific projects carried out by the collective OK corral. 2011 “La fumee gu paquebot” Petit Maroc, St. Nazaire France 1. Double Horizon A wall has been built in front of the view on a small beach. The workblocks the view and thereby interfere with the image of how a horizon isperceived. In the middle […]

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24cm x 24cm x 24 cm. 3-dimensional viewing cube. The Elements is used as visual-stimuli in neurological studies for testing Spatial Intelligence Here cut out in paper and and arranged in 3 Dimensions. see related projects at the off blog    

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6 March – 3 April 2011 Sierra Metro Edinburgh (UK) exhibition text: For his first UK solo show, Copenhagen artist Jesper Carlsen presents a selection of new and recent video and animations works. Interested in exploring the ways in which we see, these works interrogate notions of perception through explorations of light. Carlsen’s title refers to […]

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A black box with an LED light that flashes the message: “Light sequence in morse code” in morse code. see installation view from the solo exhibition “Light and Matter” 2011 in Edenburgh        

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