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solo exhibition at : Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art Copenhagen What influence has digitality had on human perception – and not least our view of reality? These are questions central to the art of Jesper Carlsen. In recent years he has worked intensively with computer-generated representations of objects, surfaces and spaces as part of his […]

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3 50” screens, 2 32” screens, 5 construction, (3D print, 16mm pvc pipe) A site specific installation for the “Tranen” From press release: Tranen is proud to present Danish artist Jesper Carlsen’s  solo exhibition Brick & Mortar; the final exhibition in the season programme Creation – Mists of Dawn. “I lick the silicone joints discretely, hoping […]

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70cm width, 70cm length, 160cm height 3D printed Stanford Bunny, wood construction. The Stanford Bunny is a scanned 3D test model from Stanford University 1994. It have been used to test various algorithms and therefore is a widely spread digital model Bunny source: installation view. Martin Asbæk Gallery, DK

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Prototype Construction no 1. no. 2 3D print, 16mm pvc pipe, rubber band. The video work in the background: “Material” 2015

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90 x 12 x 12 cm Eight programed light bulbs

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75 x 150 cm cut out plywood

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31 October – 29 November 2014 In the show Animation Syntax Jesper Carlsen works – through animation – with our understanding of objects. Human perception of the spatial is on the agenda in Carlsen’s works. We experience our own reality chronologically, and Carlsen works through animation to clarify time as a crucial factor in our […]

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Reflected roof  by Jesper Carlsen and Akane Moriyama Jesper Carlsen and Akane Moriyama have created a transient experience within the Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in the form of an inverted undulating roof. Responding to the temporality of the history of museum, which has been moved and reconfigured many times, this tent like space […]

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wooden structures 3 x 23cm x 65 cm The shadows of three dimensional structures.

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Recreated from photos as 3D print(size 1:1).  

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