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“Procedural” 2017 40 x 40 color print. no. 1 to 23. Computer generated procedural textures. form the exhibition:  

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solo exhibition at Martin Asbæk Gallery With his constructivistic approach Carlsen displays a thoughtful exhibition that through digital prints challenges and investigates the human perception and the way in which we form visual impressions. The exhibition invites the viewer on a digital journey into the images and animations. All the works are computer generated, and […]

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Watercolor on paper. 80cm x 60cm. Satellite scanned elevation data from Mars, computer recreated and then redrawn.  

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“Queen Of Mars” 2013 3 x A0 print + 1x projection. Image of Mars + film Aelita, Queen Of Mars, 1924 The three prints are a composite image of Mars taken by “The Curiosity Mars Rover” The projection on top of the picture is a Russian science fiction film from 1924 called Aelita, Queen of Mars […]

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C-Print Paper, size A4    

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photo series 2012 c-print 50 cm x 54 cm                    

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Spatial Ambiguity 2012 Martin Asbæk Gallery 13 January – 11 February 2012 press(ENG)/ Greatly inspired by the experimental work of the Russian Constructivists with elementary forms and abstract idioms, Jesper Carlsen is showing new works that turn the focus on construction rather than composition. The exploration of surface, line and colour, and especially of spatial […]

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8 x 8 cm, 110 pages. The publication is a flip book where the actual movement of the individual pages is represented on each side. 100 pages, the name and number of pages that have been computer-modeled and animated to be printed individually in the book. The book consists however of 110 pages to include […]

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Black & white print . 34 x 42 cm. a collection of 100 pictures of the sun seen through trees. an extension of the ideas which ran in previous projects like: ”Copenhagen Flicker” 2009 ”Colour Vision” 2009 and “Flare” 2009          

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8 X 8 filter in window (189 X 165)cm A Bayer filter is a color filter that is placed in the majority of digital cameras to filter out the individual colors for each pixel/sensor, as each sensor can only detect light intensity and not color difference. An assembly of these individual colored pixels is what forms […]

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