List only animationes or physical objects

“Turbine” 2020

“Turbine” 2020 from Jesper on Vimeo. Stereo 4K 360 animationFull length 3min. 20 sec. Site-specific VR-animationfor Nordkrafts Turbinegalleri, KunsthalNORD, AAlborg. DK. kindly supported by the danish art foundation

“Cave” 2019

Computer Animation 9 min. 20 secdual og singel screen Animation An exploration of a photogrammetry constructed 3D model of microsoft mixed reality home “Skyloft”. Kindly supported by the danish art foundation

“Fruits” 2018

CGI physics simulation.
3min. HD.
Algorithms typically meant for simulating destruction is here having trouble keeping things still.

“Space” 2018

Interactive VR environment An exhibition under construction with 3D models of paper block, paint tape, cover paper, paint box, moving boxes, a ladder for without media player and screens is animated with the text “no input detected”

“VR Roundabout” 2018

A suburban roundabout with public art as a VR environment Public access via SteamVR this project was made for the platform: Steam VR Environments is a platform for computer players and developers, where they can share their virtual environments. Wearing a VR headset, these places can be visited and explored. The platform also allows […]

“Surface Encounters” 2017

solo exhibition at : Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art Copenhagen What influence has digitality had on human perception – and not least our view of reality? These are questions central to the art of Jesper Carlsen. In recent years he has worked intensively with computer-generated representations of objects, surfaces and spaces as part of his […]

“Cause and Effect” 2017

“Cause and Effect” 2017 HD. Computer Animation 2 min. form the exhibition:  

“Procedural” images, 2017

“Procedural” 2017 40 x 40 color print. no. 1 to 23. Computer generated procedural textures. form the exhibition:  

“Procedural” 2017

solo exhibition at Martin Asbæk Gallery With his constructivistic approach Carlsen displays a thoughtful exhibition that through digital prints challenges and investigates the human perception and the way in which we form visual impressions. The exhibition invites the viewer on a digital journey into the images and animations. All the works are computer generated, and […]

“All Angels” 2017

Site specific animation for Captive Raum OPortal 2017, Århus, DK computeranimation 1 min. 4 sec. Was distributed via local wifi network position 1 position 2 position 3

“Shader Stack” 2016

“Shader Stack” 2016 HD. Computer Animation 2 min. 40sec. form the exhibition:    

“Balls on Stairs” 2016

“Balls on Stairs” 2016 HD. Computer Animation 3 min. 32sec.  

“Surface” 2016

“Surface” 2016 HD. computer animation 2 min. 40sec. form the exhibition:

“Brick & Mortar” 2016

3 50” screens, 2 32” screens, 5 construction, (3D print, 16mm pvc pipe) A site specific installation for the “Tranen” From press release: Tranen is proud to present Danish artist Jesper Carlsen’s  solo exhibition Brick & Mortar; the final exhibition in the season programme Creation – Mists of Dawn. “I lick the silicone joints discretely, hoping […]

“Walk Cycle” 2016

Computer animation HD 200 frames walk cycle. One Tyrannosaurus Rex walk cycle.  An animation inspired by the intermediate step in CGI production. A presentation of a 3D model before it gets a realistic skin. “Walk Cycle” 2016 from Jesper on Vimeo.

“Box” 2016

3D Computer Animation, HD, 2min. A hand is touching and are simultaneously transformed by an invisible box. “Box” 2016 excerpt from Jesper on Vimeo.

“Mirror Bunny rack” 2016

70cm width, 70cm length, 160cm height 3D printed Stanford Bunny, wood construction. The Stanford Bunny is a scanned 3D test model from Stanford University 1994. It have been used to test various algorithms and therefore is a widely spread digital model Bunny source: installation view. Martin Asbæk Gallery, DK

“Skin” 2015

3D animation. HD, 2 min. 52 sec. A Bruce Nauman inspired Animation dealing with the process and the challenges of creating realistic skin in 3D computer animation. The computer generated voice reads text from various technical forums with advise on how to do realistic skin shading in 3D computer animation. The Head Mesh/model is animated from a often […]

“Material” 2015

3d Animation, UHD, 8min. 12sec. loop

“Prototype Construction” 2015

Prototype Construction no 1. no. 2 3D print, 16mm pvc pipe, rubber band. The video work in the background: “Material” 2015

“Hand animation” 2014

1 min. 25 sec. loop. Computer animation

“Chimpanzee” 2014

2,42 min. loop. Computer animation  

“Bounce light” 2014

90 x 12 x 12 cm Eight programed light bulbs

“Animation Sequences” 2014

Spray painted on five different computer modeled stencils. cotton sailcloth, 90 x 140 cm

“Five angels” 2014

Spray painted on five different computer modeled stencils. cotton sailcloth, 90 x 90 cm

“Bounce path” 2014

75 x 150 cm cut out plywood

“Set of hands” 2014

to 20 x 12 cm, wood

“Bounce animation” 2014

16 frames, loop. Hand drawn animation

“Animation Syntax” 2014

31 October – 29 November 2014 In the show Animation Syntax Jesper Carlsen works – through animation – with our understanding of objects. Human perception of the spatial is on the agenda in Carlsen’s works. We experience our own reality chronologically, and Carlsen works through animation to clarify time as a crucial factor in our […]

“Reflected roof” 2014

Reflected roof  by Jesper Carlsen and Akane Moriyama Jesper Carlsen and Akane Moriyama have created a transient experience within the Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in the form of an inverted undulating roof. Responding to the temporality of the history of museum, which has been moved and reconfigured many times, this tent like space […]

“Shadow Constructions” 2014

wooden structures 3 x 23cm x 65 cm The shadows of three dimensional structures.

“Modern Times” 2014

Computer animation HD, 20 min, loop. commissioned by DIAS 2014 Installed on Vallensbaek S-train station for the exhibition Presenting DIAS, 2014. The animation is a digital recreation of a classic movie scene from the Chaplin movie Modern Times from 1936. A film that humorously and critically relates to the modern industrialization. In the original it is […]

“Mars” 2013

Watercolor on paper. 80cm x 60cm. Satellite scanned elevation data from Mars, computer recreated and then redrawn.  

“Crumpled piece of Paper” 2013

Recreated from photos as 3D print(size 1:1).  

”Construction and shadow” (after Alexander Rodchenko) 2013

wood construction. 62 x 87 cm. A copy of a Alexander Rodchenko Construction and the shadow it cast, a afternoon in the studio.

“Queen Of Mars” 2013

“Queen Of Mars” 2013 3 x A0 print + 1x projection. Image of Mars + film Aelita, Queen Of Mars, 1924 The three prints are a composite image of Mars taken by “The Curiosity Mars Rover” The projection on top of the picture is a Russian science fiction film from 1924 called Aelita, Queen of Mars […]

“Mirror Box” 2013

5 min. HD video. The video consists of a hand while performing various exercises and a mirror. The video is inspired by a treatment called mirror box treatment. This is a treatment for phantom limp pain where a reflection of the functioning hand can eliminate the pain in the hand that is no longer there. The […]

“Slightly bent perspective Graph Paper” 2012

C-Print Paper, size A4    

“Study of Studio Plants” 2012

A study of the two plants found in my studio. 40. A3 drawings.          

“Meter” 2012

Undefined meter. Not yet mounted with a printed scale. 6.5 cm X 5,5 cm

“Fluorescent Light Sequence” 2012

A slow chaser light sequence, made with the fluorescent light in the exhibition space “Koh-I-Noor” Copenhagen DK.           fluorescent light sequence, 2012, Installation view from Jesper on Vimeo.

”Propagandastand” (after Gustav Klucis) 2012

wood construction. 80 x 140 cm. Made after a drawing by Gustav Klucis (1922).

“9 X 4 Color Array” 2012

wood construction. 82 x 53 cm. rotatable oil painted wooden columns.          

“Two Wooden Spirals” 2012

cut wood. 74cm X 74cm Two wooden spirals, one assembled as a spiral the other just assembled.  

”Line meshing” 2012

Animation, tutorial like screencast 8 min 31 sec. Sound: Alexander Rodchenko, text “The Line” 1921, read by computer. The Animation is in the form of a construction of various of Alexander Rodchenko’s drawings and Karl Ioganson sculptures. Generally through an adaptation from flat compositions to spatial ones      

”Inside tile Corner 3x3x3” 2012

MDF and tiles 51 x 51 x 51 cm      

“Three dimensional Cartesian coordinate system” 2012

oil paint on wood 52,5 x 52,5 x 52,5 cm      

“Spatial Constructions” 2. series 2012

carving series no.6-13 cut out cardboard 50cm x 54cm drawing the compositions from: Alexander Rodchenko, Gustav Klutsis, László Moholy-Nagy, El Lissitzky and Liubov Popova to explore the gap between the represented and the spatial            

“Spatial Constructions” Anaglyph carving series 2012

cut out cardboard 50 cm x  54 cm drawing inspiration from: Alexander Rodchenko, Karl Ioganson and El Lissitzky to explore the gap between the represented and the spatial.            

“Spatial Constructions” cube carving series 2012

cut out cardboard 50 cm x  54 cm no.1-4.    

“Rubix Compositions” 2012

Hand drawn animation 2 min. 55 sec. contiusly loop Also present in the image: “Spatial Constructions” 2. series 2012      

“Line Structures” 2012

photo series 2012 c-print 50 cm x 54 cm                    

“Spatial Ambiguity” 2012

Spatial Ambiguity 2012 Martin Asbæk Gallery 13 January – 11 February 2012 press(ENG)/ Greatly inspired by the experimental work of the Russian Constructivists with elementary forms and abstract idioms, Jesper Carlsen is showing new works that turn the focus on construction rather than composition. The exploration of surface, line and colour, and especially of spatial […]

“Line Composition” 2011

chalk line on wall, after Alexander Rodchenko 150 cm x 200 cm. Chalk line is a tool for drawing straight lines, mainly used in construction. The line is coated in chalk then pulled tight across a suface where it is snapped causing the string to strike the surface, leaving a straight line. Line Composition no […]

“Spatial Constructions” 2011

carving series no.1-5 cut out cardboard 35cm x 40cm drawing inspiration from: Alexander Rodchenko, Karl Ioganson, Gustav Klutsis and Sol Le witt to explore the gap between the represented and the spatial                    

“Compositions” 2011

Computer animation 24min. 69,7 x 61,7 cm. projection after El Lissitzky’s painting, Composition, 1922 A 3D computer model built from an El Lissitzky painting. The Camera rotate slowly around the elements from the painting. viewing it from all angles thereby creating different compositions during the 24 min.(36.000 frames) long loop    

OK corral St. Nazaire. 2011

Three site-specific projects carried out by the collective OK corral. 2011 “La fumee gu paquebot” Petit Maroc, St. Nazaire France 1. Double Horizon A wall has been built in front of the view on a small beach. The workblocks the view and thereby interfere with the image of how a horizon isperceived. In the middle […]

“Spatial Construction no. 7” 2011

24cm x 24cm x 24 cm. 3-dimensional viewing cube. The Elements is used as visual-stimuli in neurological studies for testing Spatial Intelligence Here cut out in paper and and arranged in 3 Dimensions. see related projects at the off blog    


30 sec. loop Black & white computer animation. A Custom made computer animation, for the Factory of Art and Design, Copenhagen ,DK.(BYOB – BRING YOUR OWN BEAMER – COPENHAGEN). see preliminary test video from the off blog.          

“Light and Matter (the Copenhagen Interpretation)”2011

6 March – 3 April 2011 Sierra Metro Edinburgh (UK) exhibition text: For his first UK solo show, Copenhagen artist Jesper Carlsen presents a selection of new and recent video and animations works. Interested in exploring the ways in which we see, these works interrogate notions of perception through explorations of light. Carlsen’s title refers to […]

This blog-site is a kind of outlet for the projects that does not fit this site either because they simply does not work in a practical sens or as works of art.
I find this kind of open or incomplete work very interesting and I want with a blog to create a platform for these projects.

“Light sequence in morse code” 2011

A black box with an LED light that flashes the message: “Light sequence in morse code” in morse code. see installation view from the solo exhibition “Light and Matter” 2011 in Edenburgh        

“Untitled animation” 2011

stop motion animation. 3 min. 16 sec. Elements used as visual-stimuli in scientific studies, dealing with perception of spatiality. Here cut out in paper and reanimated as a stop motion animation.       Short video clip from animation  

“100 sider” 2010

8 x 8 cm, 110 pages. The publication is a flip book where the actual movement of the individual pages is represented on each side. 100 pages, the name and number of pages that have been computer-modeled and animated to be printed individually in the book. The book consists however of 110 pages to include […]

“Grid Paper” 2010

manipulated video HD and SD-DVD pal computer 6 min. 31 sec. projection. A projected video of graph paper that is being moved and folded. At specific times in the video the squares on the paper aligned exactly with the grid pattern from the tiles on the wall on which the video is projected. This creates […]

“Burn out” 2010

Black & white print . 34 x 42 cm. a collection of 100 pictures of the sun seen through trees. an extension of the ideas which ran in previous projects like: ”Copenhagen Flicker” 2009 ”Colour Vision” 2009 and “Flare” 2009          

“Square Paper” 2010

graph paper folded square. 21cm x 21cm.          

“One pixel animation”2010

Computer animation 2min. One pixel changes color slowly. see video clip One_pixel_animation_wed_web  

“An Island” 2010

Computer animation Stereo 2 min. 40 sec. Loop   Made specific for the exhibition “Frederiksberg”. Frederiksberg is a part the city, Copenhagen with its own local government.  

YouTube test site

This channel is a form of outlet or a test site for small structure like film experiment. Projects(films and Animations) that I find interesting and inspirational but don’t consider as artworks in themselves. update: it evolved  in 2011 to become an independent error blog:  examples

“DVD video” 2009

DVD pal stereo 115min. A laser beam reading a DVD video disc. A process that is normally hidden is now the main motif of the video. A direct reference to what is actually happening in the DVD player during reading of DVDs.

“Bayer Filter” 2009

8 X 8 filter in window (189 X 165)cm A Bayer filter is a color filter that is placed in the majority of digital cameras to filter out the individual colors for each pixel/sensor, as each sensor can only detect light intensity and not color difference. An assembly of these individual colored pixels is what forms […]

“Biotop” 2009

Lars Worm / Jesper Carlsen 3. July – 31 July. 2009 NLHspace Vesterfœlledvej 63 1750 Copenhagen v DK-press release Ordet biotop betegner en separat og rumlig afgrænset del af et økosystem ofte med et unikt dyre- og planteliv til følge. Denne udstilling lukker sig på samme måde omkring typiske stueplanter, der oftest har deres oprindelse […]

”Moiré (Wallpaper)” 2009

Variable size (as seen on the pictures : 3m high x 8.6m wide) Print patterns of slightly bent paralleled lines are put on top of each other to produce moiré, which emerges as a secondary pattern resulting from the different lines’ relation to one another. Each layer is a different shade of grey, and can […]

”Copenhagen Flicker” 2009

Video HD and SD-DVD pal 5min. 5sec. Inspired by the event that led Brion Gysin to build the Dream Machine in 1960.The video is of light flickering rapidly through trees, recordings from different transport means in and around Copenhagen.The video continues in a endless loop with 1 sec. clips and with the blinding from the […]

“Effects on Consciousness” 2009

Martin Asbæk Gallery, (Copenhagen)DK 20. marts – 11. april 2009 press(ENG)/ In works of video, computer animation, print, sculpture as well as papercuts Danish artist Jesper Carlsen (b. 1977) explores different patterns, how they are created and the ways in which they affect human perception. For instance in a series of prints entitled Moiré (RGB) […]

”Moiré (print)” 2009

”Moiré (RGB-print)” 2009 and ”Moiré (Grey-print)” 2009 “In physics, a moiré pattern (pronounced/mwɑːˈreɪ/ or /ˈmɔəreɪ/ in English; [mwaˈʁe] in French) is an interference pattern created, for example, when two grids are overlaid at an angle, or when they have slightly different mesh sizes.” fromé_pattern A secondary pattern emerges as a product of the different patterns relation to one another. In these prints […]

”Moiré (Paper cut)” 2009

Cut out cardboard 45 cm x 52 cm “In physics, a moiré pattern (pronounced/mwɑːˈreɪ/ or /ˈmɔəreɪ/ in English; [mwaˈʁe] in French) is an interference pattern created, for example, when two grids are overlaid at an angle, or when they have slightly different mesh sizes.” fromé_pattern A secondary pattern emerges as a product of the different patterns relation to one […]

”Colour Vision” 2009

After Brion Gysin’s ”Dream Machine” 1960 Turntable and light bulb 37cm x 31 cm x 26 cm Rotating trees around a light bulb, mounted on a turntable.Modeled after Brion Gysin’s notes about his experiences, producing the same effects as his Dream Machine from 1960. “Had a transcendental storm of colour visions today in the bus […]

“Flare” 2009

Computeranimation HD and SD-DVD pal 3min. 34sec. Loop Computer animated lens flare. Lens flare occurs when a camera is pointing directly at the sun. It is often an unwanted effect. In computer animation lens flare, or rather a fake lens flare, is often used to create the illusion of the animation being recorded with a […]

“Extended Graphics Array” 2009

Computer generated animation Resolution: XGA   24p No sound Duration: 9 h. 6 min. Sets one pixel per frame and runs at 24 per second. Starts with a completely black screen, ends op with a completely white after abut 9 hours. XGA, the Extended Graphics Array, is an IBM display standard introduced in 1990. Today, it […]

”Flicker (Black and White Rotating at Accelerating Speed)” 2008

HD and SD-DVD pal computer animation 4min.10sec. loop No sound 16:9 The animation consists of a black and white square that starts to rotate slowly with an exponential rising velocity.The animation stops when the rotation per frame becomes180 degrees. At that point the black space simply changes place with the white from one frame to […]

“Untitled Sculptur” 2008

8 x (4mx4m) painted walls. The location is a former factory that now houses artists’ studios and a large project room (Factory of Art and Design, Copenhagen). Eight removable walls often used to create a showroom were painted black and white, then they were folded out/positioned after each other creating a kind of scale in […]

“Bouncing a ball between the floor and the gallery wall with changing rhythm” 2008

DVD or High Definition, manipulated video and computer animation Duration: 1 min. 32 sec. Loop The piece “Bouncing a ball between the floor and the gallery wall with changing rhythm” (2008) can be seen as an attempt to eliminate any representation of space in a documentation of a performance, thereby moving the narrative in to […]

“Untitled light installation” 2008

140 different lamps installed in a public office building. A building that usually is dark and emty at night Oerestad North, Copenhagen ,DK        

”On the Perimeter of a Square” 2007

3D computer animation transferred to 16mm. 8sec. loop 16mm film A rebuilding of Bruce Nauman’s studio as it looked in a series of 16mm films from 1967-68 such as “Dance or Exercise on the Perimeter of a Square (Square Dance)”. The Animation shows a slight camera movement, which can be observed in the original films […]

“D. Light” 2007

Video/animation, 2min 20 sec. Loop. DVD pal. An animation is projected on the fixture of a fluorescent lamp (without the fluorescent tube). The projection starts off simulating the fluorescent light that has been removed, then slowly changing into a fresco-like illusion revealing the sky above. After a few minutes a sunbeam suddenly penetrates the clouds […]

“Mole hills” 2007

four piles of dirt. Public artwork for the exhibition “Free Space” Sønder Boulevard(Copenhager)DK.          

“Simulating Gravity” 2007

DVD, manipulated video Duration: 4 min. loop. Reanimated scene from the film “Space Odyssey 2001”  

“Light Array” 2006

Manipulated video, 3 min. 35 sec. Loop. DVD pal.  

“no title” 2006 (CPH KUNSTHAL_Centenniale)

Itallation: 12 fluorescent light variable size(inside the glass box) 1 pinspot(inside the glass box) 1 mirror ball(inside the pharmacy) for the exhibition: 700 % PLUS CPH KUNSTHAL_Centenniale The 20th of October – 31st of October 2006          

“Smutugle” 2006

DVD, manipulated video and computer animation Duration: 1min. 17 sec. loop. “Smutugle” is the Danish name for “Noctua pronuba” or the “Large Yellow Underwing” moth.The name “Smutugle” can be translated directly into something like “slip (slipping) owl” in English.The reason being that when you think you have caught it, it slips away. The video is […]

”Buzz” 2006

HD pal computer animation 4min. loop Stereo sound 16:9 A 3D computer constructed fluorescent light (looking real at first glance) is projected into a corner – an installation that emphasizes the reference to Dan Flavin. After a short while a fly is drawn to the light, landing and walking around a bit before flying off […]

“inside koh-i-noor” 2006

A exhibition made together with Artist Jabob Borges        

”Gulls” 2006

Manipulated video Duration 37 sec. loop DVD Manipulated video footage of a gull. The gull is copied into the footage three times, that way resembling three gulls. After a while the gulls’ patterns of behaviour is repeated, making their movements almost resemble a dance.  

“Spider” 2006

Custom-made animation/projection, 3min. Loop. DVD. An animated spider, custom made to the room concerned. The spider crawls out from the space between a door and door-casing, dwells for a (short) while and then continues crawling until it disappears.      

“manual animations for ipod” 2006

170 picture shown in a ipod(with photo viewing) as a manual(interaktiv) animation. see preview video clip(0,8Mb): spider_ipod_doc  

“Squirrels” 2006

Manipulated video Duration: 58 sec. loop. DVD