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“Bounce light” 2014

90 x 12 x 12 cm Eight programed light bulbs

“Reflected roof” 2014

Reflected roof  by Jesper Carlsen and Akane Moriyama Jesper Carlsen and Akane Moriyama have created a transient experience within the Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in the form of an inverted undulating roof. Responding to the temporality of the history of museum, which has been moved and reconfigured many times, this tent like space […]

“Grid Paper” 2010

manipulated video HD and SD-DVD pal computer 6 min. 31 sec. projection. A projected video of graph paper that is being moved and folded. At specific times in the video the squares on the paper aligned exactly with the grid pattern from the tiles on the wall on which the video is projected. This creates […]

”Moiré (Wallpaper)” 2009

Variable size (as seen on the pictures : 3m high x 8.6m wide) Print patterns of slightly bent paralleled lines are put on top of each other to produce moiré, which emerges as a secondary pattern resulting from the different lines’ relation to one another. Each layer is a different shade of grey, and can […]